A downloadable game for Windows

In the distorted realms between life and death a cry is heard. The White Envoy embarks to quell the threat with nought but scythe and the usables found on her journey as lifeline.

Face this simple yet enticing experience, master battle against the forces of shadow. Death is your companion, but he is not unfair, learn your way and carve the path to the end. Learn to take advantage of what is  given and heed the words of the birds.

  • Z - Interact/Confirm
  • X - Cancel/Menu
  • ArrowKeys - Move
  • SHIFT - Dash

Mouse is usable but keyboard is the intended control scheme.

Install instructions

Unzip and run Game.exe


Within Shadow.zip 70 MB


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(1 edit)

Sorry to say, there's a game breaking bug if you take the left path first. But going right then left should be fine. 

This bug has now been patched. This is a convenience for those who wish to play the game to end without the concern of bugs, it is not valid for the IGMC Entry.